How to Sign Petition

Instructions: How to Complete your petition electronically 


Click Here to View the YouTube Tutorial


  1.  Click here to start filling out your printable Petition online.  It is important that you read and follow the below instructions completely in order for the Maryland and County Board of Elections to count your petition. Please email us at if you experience technical issues.

  2. Type in your voter registration information when asked (Name, DOB, House Number, etc.). This step verifies that you are a Prince George’s County resident and eligible to complete this petition. 

  3. Read the full petition text.

  4. Confirm that your information is correct by selecting YES. You will see a copy of the petition with your valid voter registration information pre-populated as confirmation. 

  5. Download and print your petition front and back. It is important that you print a double-sided petition form (front and back) in order for the Board of Election to count your petition. 

  6. Sign the petition in your legal signature and date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

  7. Next, complete the circulator’s field by signing your name and date in the MM/DD/YYYY format.  It is important that you complete the circulator’s section in order for the Board of Election to count your petition. ***You can sign the petition as both a petitioner and circulator.

    1. Review the circulator’s section to ensure the pre-populated information is accurate.

    2. Read, sign, and date the circulator’s affidavit.

  8. Lastly, mail your complete and signed petition to the Committee to Restore Term Limits by no later than Friday, July 1, 2022.  Committee to Restore Term Limits, In Care of Corryne Carter, 5526 Glover Park Drive, Upper Marlboro, Md 20772.

  9.  Click the button at the bottom to invite others to sign the petition.